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Storm Warriors International is helping rescue and recover real people in real crisis by helping them tell their stories and the stories of those who have helped rescue them and turn their lives around. People like Cary, who was sex trafficked and abused until rescued and restored by Just Love Worldwide; or young men like Myles, who became unwittingly addicted to opioids and ended up incarcerated with his life upside down until Mid-Coast Recovery Coalition intervened and helped him put all the pieces back together again; or nations like Uganda and Senegal where hundreds and hundreds of people were suffering and dying from lack of essential medical supplies and treatments until Partners for World Health arrived on the scene with critically needed supplies and services.

Storm Warriors embeds and engages with these and other vital organizations who are deeply and effectively involved with humanitarian rescue and recovery, restoration and relief. Storm Warriors creates all-encompassing media and communication tools to help them tell their stories, locate the resources they need, and continue to have a huge impact for social good.

And, Storm Warriors does all of this at no charge to the benefiting organizations and provides a platform for the triumphant survivors to tell their stories. Storm Warriors creates media that saves lives and you can help us do it again in 2019. So, climb aboard and be a Storm Warrior today with your generous gift.

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